Themylthorpe and Poors Land (Reserve) Common Ground

Charity information

Themylthorpe and Poor Land (Reserve) Common Ground

Both these Charities have always been supervised and still are being supervised by the Parish Council, all sitting Parish councillors are the Trustees.

Income for the PoorLand (Reserve) Common Ground is derived from interest on the account and rent for land on Yarmouth Road. There is no income for the Themylthorpe Trust.

This income is being used and has been for a long time, for Christmas bonuses for residents: women over 60 years of age and men over 65 years of age, but only £10.00 per couple.

Both Charities are being regulated by the Charity Commission, their Charity reference numbers being: Themylthorpe Charity number 204455 and the Poors Land (Reserve common Land) 256891

The accounts are submitted on a yearly basis to the Charity Commission, visit their website for the latest update.