Robin Hazlett Award

For young residents between 13 and 19 years of age


Robin Hazlett came to the village about 20 years ago and lived in St. Andrews Close with his wife Rose until his untimely death in 2007.

He was involved with the Withergate Riffle Club and also became an active member of the Worstead Festival organising group.   He was very much a hands on man and always willing to help where he could.

Robin was keen to encourage and help young people get involved in various activities across many areas.   This included competing anywhere in the country for the Riffle Club, the Youth club, the Play Ground and helping with the Festival.

After his death the Worstead Festival Committee and the Parish Council agreed it would be fitting to set up a memorial fund in Robin’s name, to celebrate the good work he did in the local community. The intention was to give two village residents, between the ages of 13 and 19, £250.00 each in recognition of good work they may have performed helping in the village, caring for a relative or anything which showed a strong community spirit.  .

The successful candidates would be chosen by representatives from the Parochial Church Council, members from the Baptist Church, the Parish Council and the Festival Committee. So far only one payment has been made and this is where YOU CAN HELP.

You are invited you to submit your ideas or nominations for this award.  Are you or do you know young residents who care for relatives, are you  strongly involved in something which will benefit the village or do you have ideas as to how these monies might be used?  Perhaps towards funding a Youth Club, promoting or encouraging a sporting activity with a view to next years Olympics, something sociable aligned to the Queen’s Jubilee or maybe to pay for the cable way?

Whatever your ideas we would love to hear from you.   Please send them to the Clerk at [email protected] or post through our letter box at the office to the left hand side of the Village Hall.   Any ideas received before the end of September will be considered. Thank you for your input and help.