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Meeting Dates, Agenda’s and Minutes can be found on our new webpage:

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26th March 2019 – Agenda |

26th February 2019 – Agenda | Minutes

22nd January 2019 – Agenda | Minutes

27th November 2018 – Agenda | Minutes

23rd October 2018 – Agenda | Minutes

25th September 2018 – AgendaMinutes

17 July 2018 – AgendaMinutes (draft)

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27 March 2018 – Agenda | Minutes

27 February 2018 – Agenda | Minutes

7 February 2018 – Planning Agenda

23 January 2018 – Agenda | Minutes

28 November – Agenda | Minutes

17 October – Agenda | Minutes

5 September – Agenda | Minutes

18 July 2017 – Agenda | Minutes

27 June 2017 – Agenda | Minutes

23 May 2017 – Agenda | Minutes

Electors Rights 2017 Electors Rights

End of Year Forms EoY Form 2016-2017

Conclusion of Audit Conclusion of Audit | External Audit Report

25 April 2017 – Agenda | Minutes

28 March 2017 – Agenda | Minutes

28 February 2017 – Agenda |Minutes

25 January 2107 – Agenda | Minutes

22 November 2016 – Agenda | Minutes

25 October 2016 – Agenda | Minutes

6 September 2016 – Agenda | Minutes

19 July 2016 – Agenda | Minutes

28 June 2016 – Agenda | Minutes

24 May 2016 – Agenda | Minutes |Public Participation

26 April 2016 – Agenda | Minutes | Public Participation

Annual Parish Meeting – 19 April 2016 – APM Minutes (Draft)

22 March 2016 – Agenda | Minutes | Public Participation

23 February 2016 – Agenda | Minutes | Public Participation

26 January 2016 – Agenda | Minutes | Public Participation

The team and associates

Councillors and Clerks during Annual Parish Meeting 28 April 2015

Councillors and Clerks during Annual Parish Meeting 28 April 2015

Chair:                        Simon Cole

Vice Chairman:          Ron Barrett


Sue Harris

Kelle O ’Hara

Maire Smith

Adrian Bond

Steve Ginn

Andrew Millar

Jake Allen

All Councillors can be contacted via the Parish Clerk:

Sarah Martin:           [email protected]

Spinners Cottage,

18A Honing Row,


Telephone:                   (01692) 535775



District Councillor:

Saul Penfold       [email protected]

County Councillor:

John Timewell                   [email protected]  



Worstead Village Amenities Trust: the purpose of this charity

This Trust is being run by Worstead Parish Council.The Trustees are: Simon Cole (Chairman), Caroline Rance (Vice-Chair), Gavin Paterson and Johanna Gardner (secretary and non-signing treasurer).

Grants are available for village projects like play equipment, supporting local clubs, societies and Worstead Church of England School. Requests are welcome, and if they relate to buying equipment or involve contracters, three quotes have to be submitted as well as assurance from the contractor that he/she has at least a £5m publilc liabillity insurance cover.

Accounts of the Trust are submitted on a yearly basis to the Charity Commission and can be accessed under number 276176

Charity information

Themylthorpe and Poor Land (Reserve) Common Ground

Both these Charities have always been supervised and still are being supervised by the Parish Council, all sitting Parish councillors are the Trustees.

Income for the PoorLand (Reserve) Common Ground is derived from interest on the account and rent for land on Yarmouth Road. There is no income for the Themylthorpe Trust.

This income is being used and has been for a long time, for Christmas bonuses for residents: women over 60 years of age and men over 65 years of age, but only £10.00 per couple.

Both Charities are being regulated by the Charity Commission, their Charity reference numbers being: Themylthorpe Charity number 204455 and the Poors Land (Reserve common Land) 256891

The accounts are submitted on a yearly basis to the Charity Commission, visit their website for the latest update.

General Information

What is the Parish Council?

Parish and Town Councils are the most local level of government in the England. They areindependent bodies and have responsibility for:
• Representing all residents in the parish.
• Running local services that may include: allotments, cemeteries, community buildings, recreation and play areas, seating, bus shelters, litter bins and local transport schemes.
• Commenting on planning applications and long-term development issues.
• Collecting money for their budget through the ‘precept’ as part of council tax. Each parish council has the power to set it’s own budget according to their plans for the year and therefore can decide what the precept level should be to provide the required funding.
• And also have wide-ranging powers to become involved in further activities that contribute towards the improvement of the environment and quality of life in the parish.

Who are the Parish Councillors?

All parish councillors are local residents, lives within 3 miles or own properlty/land. They are volunteers and have either been elected by the public or have been co-opted by the parish council; they are unpaid and serve a four year term. The office of parish clerk is a paid position that deals with the parish council’s administration.

How can I get involved?

The last Parish Council Elections were not contested, the team of Councillors remained the same and at present there are no vacancies. When a Councillor resigns, North Norfolk District Council has to be notified. They will issue an official Notification of Vacancy, which will be displayed in the notice boards around the village. If only one person comes forward, this person can be co-opted, but when more than one persons are volunteering, the sitting Councillors are allowed to interview the interested parties and co-opt a candidate, but the democratic way (and more expensive) is to call an Election.

We also need residents to help with the finalisation of the Parish Plan. Use the link to read for further information.

If you don’t want to become a parish councillor but are still interested in what is going on in your village – any member of the public can attend parish council meetings, including the parish council’s annual meeting. Any comments, suggestions, complaints etc. can be voiced during the Public Participation,which starts at 7.30pm for 1/2 hour, the duration of the Public Participation is not set in stone.

.How can I find out more?

• Have a look at the National Association of Local Councils website or choose COUNCIL & DEMOCRACY and cllick on box COUNCILLORS at
• Visit the Norfolk Association of Local Council at or contact thems on 01603 664869 or e-mail [email protected]
• Contact your parish clerk: [email protected]