The Choir

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choirA while back, Worstead school mum and keen singer Helen Kelly started looking for a choir to join. Nothing was quite what she was after so she got a handful of keen musos (enthusiasm over quality in the most part) and coerced another school mum (an opera singer) to help us start our own choir in Worstead.
A few years on and we have had a few members come and go, we’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic people in charge of us and we’ve improved beyond all hope.
We’re now led by the lovely Beverley Downes, who has had vast experience teaching singing to all ages at all levels. I’m sure we test her sometimes, and hopefully, sometimes, surprise her.
We often surprise ourselves. From the early days of learning we have progressed to tackle Faure Requiem, we regularly sing at Worstead Festival and we love our Christmas gathering in the church. Who doesn’t love a traditional carol?
Think you might like to join us? We’d love to have you.