2015 April 28 Annual Parish Meeting Draft and Financial Report



PRESENT: Cllrs. S. Cole (Chair), G. Paterson, K O’Hara, S. Harris, M. Smith, R. Barrett, S. Henderson and J. Bacon.

APOLOGIES: PCSO Reynolds, Members from Tuesday Badminton Club, Meeting Hill Club, WorsteadWolves Youth Football Club, Worstead Friends.

ALSO PRESENT: Members for and on behalf of Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Choir and Worstead Parochial Church Council, Mr. M. Chapman, District Cllr. G. Williams and 4 Members of the Public.

Clerk: S. Martin, J. Gardner.

All present were welcomed by Chairman Cole.


Cllr. Barrett proposed to accept the minutes as a true record, seconded by Cllr. Smith, all agreed.

Chairman Cole duly signed the minutes after the meeting.

REPORT OF WORSTEAD PARISH COUNCIL written and presented by Chairman Cole.

This report is a resume of the last year.

The much-needed extension of the graveyard is progressing more slowly than expected. However, the gates and stone pillars will be erected soon. Thank you to Cllr. Henderson for continiung to oversee this project.

Cllr. Henderson was also instrumental to get the funding for the set of speed signs, which can crop up in your part of the village at any one time.

A second set of speed signs will appear near Worstead VC School in due course. These lights will only be used around the start and finish of the school and when children will walk to and from the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Church or playing field for the future for the children and parents alike. A 50% grant was made available by Norfolk County Council for this project. Cllr. Bond was thanked for his involvement in this project.

Directional signs for the Queen Elizabeth Hall have been put up in the square and in Ruin Road.

Seeds of red Flanders Poppies were sown in the triangle in front of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, but the plants did not do as well as hoped. If anyone has green fingers and are wiling to improve the area, then please contact the Clerk.

The Community Right to Bid gives residents the opportunity to make a bid on “interesting’ buildings in the village and use them for communal purposes if and when they come up for sale, giving a 6 months moratorium for a group to sort out finances and details. In May last year Worstead Parish Council included a flyer in the newsletter asking all residents to put forward their suggestions. Unfortunately, only one resident responded.

Worstead Village Amenities Trust’s Robin Hazlett Award will make a last attempt to find a young person (male and/or female) between 13 and 19 years, who helps in the Community, whether this is looking after an ill or elderly relative or helps organising events. If nobody is nominated this year, the funds will go towards a piece of play equipment for the older children in our community and will include a commemoration plaque for Robin Hazlett.

While talking about play equipment, the fitness equipment has been dismantled and will be relocated elsewhere on the playing field; this will be done because of insurance issues. The Council is awaiting advice from the Playground Inspector.

The kicking wall was not part of the relocation, but blew over in the heavy storms and will hopefully be re-instated safely and securely before the summer holidays.

A new book about the village’s rich history: “Footprints on the sands of time” A History of Worstead bas been written by P. Bryce and illustrated by Stefan Ganther. Worstead Village Amenities Trust   has already agreed to pay a grant towards the printing costs and the Worstead Festival will be approached for a grant after this year’s event. Income from the book will go to the Trust.

Fast Broadband has finally reached our village through BT

Involvement with Planning Applications and sometimes Enforcement issues has kept the Council on its toes most meetings.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Sarah Martin, who will take over from Johanna Gardner, who is standing down after nearly 13 years of being the Parish Clerk.

I would like to thank Cllr. Bacon who has decided not to stand for Elections due to work commitments.

Also, a big thank you for Cllr. Paterson, who after more than 50 years of being a Councillor has decided to hand over the ropes to somebody else. In his time he has contributed to and voted with the Council decisions on 1000s of issues and obviously has seen a lot of Councillors come and go. His dedication to the village and knowledge of the village has been unsurpassed. Cllr. Paterson was given a decanter, which will be engraved, as a thank you for his services

As always a big personal thank you to all Councillors and our Handyman for their continued support.

Cllr. Paterson thanked the Chairman for his kind words and the Council in general, he has enjoyed his time as a Councillor and has been fortunate to work with very friendly people who have achieved so much over the years.

DRAFT END OF YEAR ACCOUNTS 01.04.2014 / 31.03.2015:

EXPENDITURE 01.04.2013 / 31.03.2014 01.04.2014 / 31.03.2015 INCOME 01.04.2013 / 31.03.2014 01.04.2014 / 31.03.2015
Salary Clerk £2,756.76 £2,756.76 Balance brought forward £13,348.01 £17,031.77
Office Expenses £1,360.00 £1,508.00 Precept £9,000.00 £8,067.00
Insurance £415.95 £404.45 Precept grant £784.00
Subscriptions £210.47 £236.86 Interest Bus. Rate Acc £10.85 £6.93
Repairs and renewals £393.54 £6,584.68 Cancelled cheque £200.00
Grounds £2,300.40 £2,085.60 Cricket Club Acc. Closure £613.87
Grass cutting £1,530.00 £1,530.00 Consolidated Stock £1.00 £1.00
Audit £158.50 £158.50 Recycling £291.74 £297.60
Hall Hire £114.40 £105.60 Worstead Woven £24.00 £4.00
Training £35.00 Rent Survoyers Allotm £3,500.00 £3,500.00
Donations £300.00 £300.00 VAT Refund £750.29 £475.30
s137 £662.37 £258.00 Income Petty Cash £160.00
Refund Ins. Premium £90.54
Newsletter £564.00 £680.00 Donation towards speeds £1,250.00
Ida Watts Award £37.61 £39.05
Expenditure Petty Cash £154.53 £81.46
Balance carried forward £17,031.77 £14,653.64
TOTAL £27,990.30 £31,417.60 TOTAL £27,990.30 £31,417.60

Copies were distributed before the meeting, no questions were asked.

Cllr. Harris proposed to accept them as a true record, seconded by Cllr. Bond, all agreed



The restoration of the Church, which started in 1966, has more or less finished. Rev. Long thinks there is enough cash left for a wc, which is necessary now concerts and events are held in the Church.

The building is kept clean by a small group of volunteers; more volunteers are needed for the flower arranging.

The insurance on the Church is crippling, but reductions have been made.

The graveyard is nearing completion, just in time because the one in use is full up. Rev. Long can bless individual graves before internment, but would like to see the whole graveyard blessed by the Bishop in due course.

A Flower Festival will be held during the Worstead Festival in July.

QUEEN ELIZABETH HALL: presented by Mrs. S. Jordan:

Mrs. Jordan passed on the apologies from Mr. N. Collins, the Chairman, who is abroad at present.

The Hall is well used at present and was recently joined by Canine Training who use the Hall 3 times a week. Worstead Pre-School will probably start in June.

The treasurer had informed Mrs. Jordan that the solar panels had reduced the electricity bill by about 60%.

Plans are being made to refurbish the floor in the Hall and possibly redecorate the Committee Room. She thanked all for using the Hall.

The CHOIR: written by H. Kelly and presented by Mrs G. Knell:

The Choir Worstead has had an exceptionally busy 12 months and is thriving in terms of both membership and singing commitments. We total just over 40 members and we meet on a Thursday night in the village hall.   We are open to anyone who wants to come along and we believe singing should be an integral part of village life.

As we gain in confidence and reputation, so have our commitments. Last year we performed Handel’s Messiah in the Church, which was a huge undertaking and a very successful concert. We were asked to sing at a wedding in Erpingham, and also a funeral in Worstead.   We sang our hearts out at the Worstead Festival and in October we performed in the Village Hall along with children from Worstead Primary School. This performance was to commemorate the start of WW1 and included a piece by Tony Bailey that we had specially commissioned along with financial help from the John Lewis Music Matters Scheme. This music is a lasting legacy for both the Choir and the village as a whole. In December we were honoured to be asked to take part in the Kidney Patients Association Carol Service in Norwich Cathedral, which was the first time many of us had sung in such a magnificent building.   Christmas commitments also included being asked to sing carols in John Lewis and for Buxton OAPs and of course our own annual carol concert in Worstead which is becoming increasingly popular.

Earlier this month we organised a highly successful Gospel Workshop in the village hall with Lauren Dove and her band, followed by a gig in the White Lady Pub. This attracted participants from as far away as Nottingham!

Later this month we shall be singing at another wedding in Erpingham and we are currently working towards our biggest challenge yet. On May 16th we shall be singing a classical concert in the church comprising Handel’s Zadok the Priest, Vivaldi’s Gloria and Dvorak’s Mass in D.   Beautiful music in a beautiful setting…please do come and support us.

We always strive to be good ambassadors for the village of Worstead… and we are always open to new members…especially of the male variety!

May I take this opportunity to thank the Village Hall Committee, Shirley Jordan, Father Anthony and the Church, Worstead Festival Committee and the Parish Council for their support over the last 12 months. May I also say a special thank you to Bernard Fowler, our recently retired Chairman, who worked tirelessly for the choir and is a joy to know.

MEETING HILL CLUB: written by Mrs. J. Morris and read by Chairman Cole:

As you will know, Rosemary Rix passed away earlier this year and her loss has been felt very keenly in Meeting Hill. A stalwart of the club and many of its activities, we are still finding our feet somewhat in the huge gap she has left. Everyone in the village is adamant that everything should carry on as before, as much in tribute to Rosemary, as it defines our village life.   To this end we are tentatively producing our newsletter ‘Over The Hill’ with the kind help of Judith Rowbotham and Robert Preston and our annual Village BBQ is planned for 27th June 2015 at The Grange.

It has also emerged that many in the village feel the absence of a village sign, it is a conversation that has rippled on before; but now it has found a stronger voice as a legacy to Rosemary. With the help of the Parish Council, Highways have been approached and we are hoping that designs will be put forward by inhabitants of Meeting Hill to be viewed at the BBQ and on our notice board for an inclusive decision as to what we will eventually have. Details of this will be in our next newsletter which should be out soon.

We would like to thank the Parish Council for their continued support in this and look forward to a sign that showcases life in Meeting Hill.

WORSTEAD FRIENDS: written by Mrs. C. Clare, presented by Chairman Cole:

We have 27 members and we meet once a month in the QE Hall,we have a variety of guest speakers and film shows on a monthly basis costing an average of £30 to £40 pounds a time ,and therefor we are very grateful to the parish council for their help in paying the hall rent.We do have a raffle at each meeting to help raise funds.

We meet the second Wednesday of every month ,any new members would be warmly welcomed.

BADMINTON CLUB: written by Mr. I. Sharp and presented by Chairman Cole:

Over the last year the Tuesday badminton has had loyal support from Worstead and the surrounding villages this has helped the club to keep on going.

Recently a gentleman from Scotland while working in the area came for evening so the word must be traveling far.

Again as last year’s report there have been no younger players attending which is a shame but maybe this year we will have to wait and see.

We were wondering if the hall committee would be willing to get the blinds repaired or replaced as there are gaps in the blinds which are missing or broken which during the summer months make it harder to play.

CRIME FIGURES 01.04.2014/31.03.2015: compiled by PCSO Reynolds, distributed for visitors to peruse:

CRIMES REPORTED DURING           01.04.13/31.03.14           01.04.14/31.03.15

Criminal damage other                                      –        1                      –           1

Common assault & battery                               –        2                      –           1

Theft other                                                           –        4                     –           7

Burglary in a building other than dwelling   –        2                      –           1

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm        –        1                       –         2

Cruelty to and Neglect of Children                 –        1

Going Equipped for Stealing                                                               –           1

Theft from a Motor Vehicle                                                                 –           2

Theft of Motor Vehicle                                                                          –           1

Possession of a controlled drug                                                           –           1

Causing Intentional harassment, alarm or distress                        –           1

Sexual Assault on a female                                                                   –           1

 Total                                                     11 crimes                  19 crimes                        


No questions were asked nor were suggestions made or new ideas brought forward.


District Cllr. Williams was given the floor and complimented the Council on being a thorough Council, working in detail and with lots of things happening.

He firmly beliefs that the Parish Council is very important, linking people to North Norfolk District Council as well as Norfolk County Council.

He is standing for re-election as a Conservative Candidate for North Norfolk District Council.

The meeting finished at 20.15 with most members staying to talk.

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