2014 April 29 Annual Parish Meeting and Financial Report


PRESENT: Cllrs. S. Cole (Chair), G. Paterson, K O’Hara, S. Harris, M. Smith, and R. Barrett.

APOLOGIES: Cllrs. Bacon, Henderson (both work commitment), PCSO Reynolds, S. Penfold (Governor Worstead School), L. Marques and P. McGill (Youth Club).

ALSO PRESENT: Members for and on behalf of Worstead Daycare Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Choir Worstead Friends, Badminton Club, Over 60’s Luncheon Club, Worstead Festival Committee, Worstead Wolves Youth Football Club, County Cllr. Timewell (briefly), 2 Members of the Public.

Clerk: J. Gardner.


Cllr. Barrett proposed to accept the minutes as a true record, seconded by Cllr. Smith, all agreed.

Chairman Cole duly signed the minutes

REPORT OF WORSTEAD PARISH COUNCIL written and presented by Chairman Cole who welcomed everybody to the meeting.

During the past, planning permission was received for the much needed extension of the graveyard on Withergate Road. It is hoped that the project will be concluded this year, including a commemorative area and a War Memorial erected on the site to supplement the one in the church.

There will be off road parking and a hearse will be able to turn around improving safety for all concerned.

Additional signage was installed in the play area to bring awareness to those using the fitness equipment. Directional signage for the Queen Elizabeth Hall is on order and will be installed in the corner in the square and Ruin Road.

A bicycle to tether up to ten bicycles has been installed in the triangular area at the Hall, the area has been sprayed, will be dug over and landscaped by planting Red Flanders Poppies in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1.

Staying with the Hall for the minute, you will be aware of the emergency defibrillator unit close to the main entrance, Our thanks goes to Mrs Cynthia Clare and Friends who raised money and contributed greatly to the supply and installation of this important piece of emergency medical equipment. Worstead Village Amenities Trust has agreed to install a combined light/movement detector to aid its access after dark.

The Trust has once again funded the youth worker for the Youth Club and the facilities used for the Over60s lunches, both of which have proved to be a major asset for the young and not so young alike.

Lorries travelling to and from the industrial units are again encroaching into the village. The Parish Council will again contact the companies in an attempt to cut out the use of the village as a rat run.

Excess speed remains a problem in the village and following a successful application for funding, 2 flashing speed awareness signs have been procured and will be rotated around the village on a regular basis to bring the speed limits to the drivers’ attention.

Concerns were raised by residents of the village and the hamlets about the floods on Old Yarmouth Road in the winter and Highways has been asked for assistance, we are awaiting a response.

A career change for Caroline Rance resulted in her resignation. The Council would like to Caroline for her commitment to the Council and wish her and her family well for the future.

Moves are afoot to seek her replacement. If you feel community minded and want to join a proactive Council, please contact the Clerk.

You may have noticed that your Council Tax bill states that Worstead Parish Council has increased their precept by 1%. This increase is due to the way the Council Tax is calculated: when there are less paying dwellings in the parish, it means that the shortfall is allocated to the Parish Council. The Council has actually kept the precept at the same level for the 4th year running. In fact, this coming year will see a reduction of £149.00, because of the way Government is distributed.

May’s newsletter will contain a flyer about the Community Right to Bid. This scheme allows a Parish Council or Community Group to buy a nominated dwelling when it comes up for sale. 6 Months will be given for the Council or Group to find funding and create a business plan.Registering a building does not mean you are committed to buy it. Please help the Council find the buildings, which are of interest and could be put to good use for the residents.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the Councillors, the Clerk, our Handymen, the Management Committee of the Queen Elizabeth Hall and members of the public for their most valuable contributions over the past year.

DRAFT END OF YEAR ACCOUNTS 01.04.2013 / 31.03.2014:

EXPENDITURE 01.04.2012 / 31.03.2013 01.04.2013 / 31.03.2014 INCOME 01.04.2012 / 31.03.2013 01.04.2013 / 31.03.2014
Salary Clerk £2,729.52 £2,756.76 Balance brought forward £11,809.94 £13,348.01
Office Expenses £1,726.67 £1,360.00 Precept £9,000.00 £9,000.00
Insurance £610.90 £415.95 Interest Bus. Rate Acc £5.53 £10.85
Subscriptions £201.78 £210.47 Cancelled cheque £200.00
Repairs and renewals £1,352.52 £393.54 Cricket Club Acc. Closure £613.87
Grounds £2,315.28 £2,300.40 Consolidated Stock £1.00 £1.00
Grass cutting £1,530.00 £1,530.00 Recycling £273.60 £291.74
Audit £342.00 £158.50 Worstead Woven £22.00 £24.00
Hall Hire £100.80 £114.40 Rent Survoyers Allotm £3,500.00 £3,500.00
Training £85.00 VAT Refund £919.49 £750.29
Donations £300.00 £300.00 Income Petty Cash £239.00 £160.00
s137 £575.95 £662.37 Refund Ins. Premium £90.54
Newsletter £523.00 £564.00
Ida Watts Award £38.60 £37.61
Refund NNDC Dogbins 138.53
Expenditure Petty Cash £195.23 £154.53 Refund Barclays charges 66.17
Balance carried forward £13,348.01 £17,031.77
TOTAL £25,975.26 £27,990.30 TOTAL £25,975.26 £27,990.30

Copies were distributed before the meeting, no questions were asked.


Queen Elizabeth Hall Management Committee:

Pat Carter, Chairman of the Management Committee, confirmed 7.30 on 13 May as the Hall AGM. As ever finances would be at the top of the agenda and accounts would be submitted to the Parish Council after the AGM.

Running costs remain high but this year’s balance was more equitable. Utilities, insurance and cleaning were the main areas of expenditure but maintenance, including continuous problems with sewage, had been costly. Several areas of non essential costs have been removed but the Hall remains safeguarded for public use. However there is no landline telephone in the Hall.

Clubs and associations continue to use the Hall and we are thankful for their support. We have kept hire charges as low as possible to encourage use and we hope local support continues. A very positive move has been the installation of solar panels on the roof and double glazing in the Club room and Bar. Thanks to John Bacon’s initiative grants from the Sheringham Shoal and the Worstead Festival funded the installations and we are hoping they materially affect running costs.

Nick Collins (Chair designate) and Paul Slack (Treasurer) take over the reins of the Management Committee from the AGM and Pat Carter thanked Shirley Jordan (Hall Manager) and Rosemary Rix (Dep Chair) for their unstinting support during his time in office.

Worstead Wolves Youth Football Club: presented by Mr. T. Middleton:

The Club is doing very well, having 148 children on the books, including 3 girls teams and football practice is split over 2 evenings now. They have 148 children on the books. The Club has now been going for 10 years. Mr. Middleton was commended for his enthusiasm

Worstead Friends: presented by Mrs C. Clare:

To date they have 28 members and meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month. They organise outings, speakers, fashions shows (hats) and a film afternoon. There is always a raffle which makes about £15.00/ £20.00 each time. It is going well and enjoyed by all, they will carry on for another year.

Over 60s Luncheon Club: presented by Mrs York:

The Club sees an average of 20 people, couples and singles, attending the monthly lunches, 1st Wednesday of the month, when a healthy, home cooked meal (main and pudding) is provided for £2.50. There is always a raffle and from time to time they have speakers as well.

The Christmas lunch at The White Lady was very enjoyable, with 34 people attending. Thank you to Worstead Village Amenities Trust for the donation towards the costs and for paying the Hall hire.

A little surplus money, about £58.00, allows for a special menu every now and again. These lunches provide a real and very sociable service to the village.

The Choir Worstead: written and presented by Mr. B. Fowler:

About 8 years ago mothers collecting their children from Worstead Primary School decided they would like to meet socially. Sam, a professional singer, was one of those and it became obvious that a choir would be the ideal basis for these get togethers. Sam became the first musical director and the criteria for joining the group was not the ability to sing or read music but to be sociable.

Karen was recruited to accompany the singing and when Sam moved on to pursue her career, Karen took over as the Musical Director. When she also moved away the Choir was lucky enough to secure the services of the very experienced Beverley Downes as our Musical Director. She brought a Gareth Malone attitude to our Choir without detracting from the basic principal of the original concept of fun and enjoyment. We still enjoy tea and cakes during the rehearsal break but also appreciate the tuition from Beverley.

The past year saw 10 new members joining the Choir and we now have 38 singers. In the past year we have performed the Faure Requiem in Worstead Church, sang during the Worstead Festival, sang Songs from the Shows in the Village Hall in November and raised £343.00 for Children in Need during that event. The traditional Carol Service took place in the church.

The Choir performed at Norwich City Football Club for the Nelson’s Journey charity, the Whitlingham Broads Charity Campfire where they contributed to the £5,000.00 raised for the Cancer Charity.

During the Christmas period Christmas carols were sung at the Meeting Hill Day Centre and the Grange Residential Home in North Walsham. The Choir performed again at the Meeting hIll Day Centre a few weeks ago.

Our next concert is at Worstead Church on 17 May, singing a selection from Messiah.

In November we are holding a concert in Worstead Village Hall to commemorate the 100 Year Anniversary of WWI. Tony Bailey, the well known Norwich composer whose songs we have sung in previous concerts, has been commissioned to write a work which we can sing with the children from Worstead School. The profits from this concert will be handed to the Friends of Worstead School. Beverley rehearsed with the children for the Casma Concert at St. Andrew’s Hall and has conducted them at school assemblies in the church.

We shall also be singing at the Worstead Festival. We are deeply indebited to the Festival for their considerable financial support over the years, without that support we could not carry on.

Badminton Club: presented by Mr. I. Sharp:

Numbers for both the Monday and Tuesday vary. A few people joined after a recruitment drive, but the club lacks young people. The installation of the bicycle rack is very much appreciated, especially in the summer.

Worstead Festival: presented by Chairman S. Cole:

Last year the Festival changed direction by orientating more on children in a compact area, which allows for less volunteers although there are still over 200 needed.

This year’s Festival will see an electronic clay shooting range.

Grants were given to Sloley Church, Victory Explorer Scouts, Worstead Day Care, Worstead village Amenities Trust for the defibrillator, the Youth worker and Worstead Fellowship and the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the solar panels.

There will be more investment in the infrastructure of the festival for equipment to help with heavy goods.

2015 will be the 50th Festival. Cllr. Paterson and Mrs Clare were involved then, 50 years ago.

Worstead Youth Club: written by Mrs L. Marques, read by Mrs J. Gardner:

It has been a challenging year for the club, with the number of young people (and volunteers) dropping sharply, although it has picked up a bit recently. This made it difficult to meet our financial responsibilities. The involvement of the Benjamin Foundation will cease in July. A meeting will be organised to discuss the best way forward, probably only run the Club during the winter months. Thank you to Worstead Village Amenities Trust and Festival for their continued support.

PCSO Campbell’s year report : compiled by PCSO Campbell, read by the Clerk:

CRIMES REPORTED DURING     01.04.12/31.03.13                       01.04.13/31.03.14

Criminal damage other                                                                                        –          1

Common assault & battery                                                                                  –          2

Criminal damage to vehicle                             –           2

Theft other                                                                                                           –            4

Burglary in a building other than dwelling                                                      –           2

Assault with malicious wounding                    –            1

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm          –           1                                    –            1

Theft in a dwelling                                               –         1                                       –           1

Total                                                         5 crimes                                        11 crimes.


One resident asked whether a mirror could be installed in or near the church yard so it is possible to see whether there is traffic approaching from Honing Row. This will looked into.

Complaints were received about lorries travelling through the village. All industrial units on Station Road will be contacted again. One resident also complaint about a Sainsbury delivery van travelling at high speed down Meadowside. The Clerk will write to Sainsbury.

Our handyman thanked everybody for putting up with him. He was in turn thanked for his work in the village.

The Chairman thanked everybody for coming to this meeting.

The meeting finished at 20.50 with most members of the public leaving

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