2013 September 10


PRESENT: Cllrs. S. Cole (Chair), G. Paterson, S. Harris, K. O’Hara. Barrett, M. Smith, S. Henderson.

1: APOLOGIES /2: NON ATTENDANCE: 1: Cllr. Rance, 2: Cllr. Bacon (wrong date in mind).

ALSO PRESENT: 4 Members of the Public, County Cllr. Timewell (at start of Public Participation).                                                                                              Clerk: Mrs. J. Gardner.

PCSO: The Council has not been informed who the new PCSO will be, nor were crime figures submitted for the period 30.07 / 10.09.
COUNTY / DISTRICT COUNCILLOR:County Cllr. Timewell: it was agreed for him to speak first; he has 3 other meetings.He informed all present that Norfolk County Council will go out and listen to the public, explanations and information will be available on the website from 19.09.13. NCC has to save £180m over the next 4 years, as it stands at present this will be achievable, according to Cllr. Timewell One County Cllr. has resigned (jobs are shared) and elections will take place in Feb. If this results in the existing status quo NCC moves forward, otherwise who knows?Developments at the old airbase at Coltishall will have an effect on the village; the public consultation is still ongoing. There is a lot of interest also from employment creators. Cllr. Timewell hopes things will move forward soon, but will keep the Council posted.Cllr. Timewell is prepared to hold a meeting with residents, probably in November, if they so wish.He was thanked for his input, he left immediately.

District Cllr. Williams: no information available.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION:Two members of the public informed the Council they will object to the appeal lodged by the owner of the White Lady against the refusal from NNDC re. the retrospective Planning Permission to retain the existing deck.They bitterly regret supporting the application for a restaurant which is higher than the plans indicated, the chimney not being according to the plans and on the side of the roof close to the neighbouring dwelling emitting unpleasant cooking smells. The noise from the extractor fan can be heard in every room of the house. The 12 ft. high deck was constructed without planning permission. It overlooks the garden and people can look in the house and despite the refusal has been used on a regular basis during the summer.Complaints about the cooking smells and noise of the fan have been passed to NNDC.They want to defend their right to privacy, but get the blame. A resident in Max Carter Close, who has no protection from the deck either and a neighbour, who is very ill, have also objected to the appeal.The members of the Public stated that if the deck is removed, the pub will not suffer, but if it is allowed it will be detrimental for the neighbouring properties.

Both Cllr. Barrett and Henderson said they did not understand why the appeal was lodged after a compromise was found and agreed to be all parties, the applicant,  neighbours and Parish Council, to lower the decking and both felt the Council should refuse the extension of the timescale of PF/13/0463 and object to the appeal.

Both members left the meeting. For the decision please check the draft minutes below.

Another member of Public asked about the slow down signs, designed by a child at Worstead School. At least one sign blew off and was returned to the School.

Cllr. Henderson said he was informed by a Road Safety member that Community Speedwatch teams are beneficial for the village. An article about the Scheme will go in November’s issue.

Cllrs. Paterson and Smith think sleeping policemen near the school are the best solution.

Cllr. Henderson will try and attend the Priority Meeting on 11 September 2013.


Mr. Chapman reported that 3 residents had complained about the hedgerows on Withergate Road, which are privately owned. A member of the public, an employee of the owner, will ask the gardener to cut the hedges back.

He was also approached about the state of the pond at Lyngate which was cleared a few years ago by Community Payback, who will be asked if they are allowed to carry out this kind of work.

CORRESPONDENCE:– Norfolk County Council: Forthcoming consultation about 14/15 budget, to save a forecasted £182m starting 19.09. for 12 weeks.– North Norfolk District Council: New Standards Regime: assessing need for discussion and development event between clerks/councillors/NNDC: respond by 30.09.- Norfolk Association of Local Councils: Norfolk Link; Sheringham Shoal newsletter; Hazardous Waste Amnesty Days Little Hautbois 12/13.10. 9am – 4pm; Stone-Curlew Soiree Thetford 08.10.13 7pm-9pm rsvp by 04.10; Recycling Morning with Coffee & Cake, Postwick Village Hall 17.09 10.00am/noon rsvp by 06.09; Coffee and Chat Gressenhall Museum 01.10 2pm-4pm rsvp; Initial Training for Clerks& Councillors October; Seminar on Green Burial, Colney 17.10 10.00am-1.00pm £25.00 rsvp: East of England Land  Trust Conference 2013 25.09. The Malting Ely 10,00/16.00 £60.00- Norman Lamb: Village Surgery posters (27.08 were displayed in notice boards).- Dynamic Fireworks: Invitation for Demo Night West Mersea 15.09.2013 7.30pm.

– Sovereign: play equipment sale.

– Clerks & Councils Direct.

– Trading Standards: No cold calling stickers.

Correspondence Charity:

– Lloyds Bank: Information about income (from Poors Land Reserve Common Ground and 3 ½ Consolidated Stock.

Public Participation finished at 20.12



ALSO PRESENT: 2 Members of the Public.

ACCEPTANCE OF THE APOLOGIES:The apology from Cllr. Rance was accepted; Cllr. Bacon’s reason was given the day after the meeting.TO CONSIDER  AND RESOLVE WHETHER TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE PLANNING MEETING ANDMONTHLY MEETING HELD ON 30 JULY.2013: Proposal by Cllr. Barrett: to accept both sets of minutes as a true record, seconded by Cllr. Paterson, all agreed. Resolution: Both sets of minutes were accepted as a true record and duly signed by Chairman Cole.TO MAKE DECLARATION OF INTEREST IN ITEMS ON THE AGENDA, if any: None.
MATTERS ARISING from the minutes of previous meetings: (for information only): None.
FINANCES:TO CONSIDER APPROVAL OF STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT  The Statement of Accounts was accepted as a true record.TO CONSIDER AND RESOLVE WHETHER TO MAKE THE FOLLOWING PAYMENTS:1: SR Print: August newsletter: £ 140.00; 2: Mazars: Audit Fees: £ 100.00 + VAT £ 20.00 = £120.00; 3: Play Safety; Inspection playground: £ 89.00 + VAT £17.80 = £ 106.80; 4: Salary J. Gardner: July / September (incl 1% increase from 01.04) £ 696.00.Resolution: All four were accepted for payment.TO CONSIDER AND RESOLVE WHETHER TO MAKE A DONATION TO NORTH NORFOLK COMMUNITY TRANSPORT, AND IF YES, DECIDE ON AN AMOUNT: Three residents use the service 2X a week and between Jan and June 2013 36 Medi Rides were carried out.

Resolution: all agreed to donate £100.00 to North Norfolk Community Transport


Resolution: The transfer was accepted and signed.


– North Norfolk District Council: Reminder of unpaid invoice (cheque was handed in.)

SUBCOMMITTEES:Planning: (Cllrs. Harris, Barrett, Paterson and Henderson):TO CONSIDER RECOMMENDATIONS ON THE FOLLOWING PLANNING APPLICATIONS,PF/13/0954: The Paddocks, Yarmouth Road: Conversion of former agricultural building to provide two units of holiday accommodation. Resolution: it was agreed to make no objections but comment about increased traffic at a blind bend.PF/13/1042: The White Lady, Front Street: Variation of cond. 1 of PP. ref. 13/0463 to permit extension of period for implementation of permission for revised terrace (2 months) (to allow appeal against PF/12/1330 to be determined). Resolution: (submitted by Cllr. Henderson and agreed to by 3 Cllrs at present): to object to the application. It is felt that the applicant is simply playing the “planning game” and should put into effect the revised design for the deck that was agreed on a subsequent application PF/13/0463 – decision notice server 9th July 2013.
The refusal of application PF/12/1330 was on the grounds of: EN4: Design and SN:13 Pollution and Hazard Prevention and Minimisation. Quote”  In the opinion of the Local Planning Authority the acoustic fence to the terrace has a significant detrimental impact on the residential amenities of the occupiers of the neighbouring property to the south, due to its height, visual appearance and overbearing impact.
Furthermore, due to the height of the terrace above ground level, it is not considered that the introduction of an acoustic fence would prevent the transfer of noise from users of the terrace and the noise breakout from the opening and closing of the restaurant door onto the terrace. As a result, the use of the terrace would have a significant detrimental impact on the residential amenities of the occupiers of neighbouring properties in terms of potential disturbance. Accordingly the proposal is considered to be contrary to the objectives of the above Development Plan policies.”
Worstead Parish Council feels that it has worked hard with both the applicant and the occupiers of the neighbouring properties to resolve the issues and was of the opinion that the agreed design of application PF/13/0463 would be implemented in a timely fashion complying with the decision notice.
The council would also like to see enforcement action taken to prevent the terrace from being used by the applicant until he either undertakes and completes the work as agreed on application PF/13/0463 or until the result of the planning appeal is made public. The neighbouring properties have already experienced a high level of inconvenience and loss of amenity and privacy due the continued use of the un-permitted development by the applicant.DECISION NOTICES: PERMISSION from NNDC (a/c) and NCC (d):

Ref.: PF/13/0408: Damson-Lea, Honing Road, Lyngate: Removal of cond.2 of PP Ref. 03/322 to permit permanent residential occupation.

Ref.: PF/13/0520: The Ferns, Yarmouth Road: Demolition of garage and erection of single-storey extension to provide annexe.

Ref.: PF/13/0623: Summerbreeze, Station Road: Retention of roof lights.

From NCC: Ref.: C/1/2013/1009: Carl Bird Ltd. Boundary Pit, Sandhills Lane, Old Yarmouth Road:  installation of weighbridge and erection of associated office/mess building.

NOTIFICATION OF APPEAL AGAINST REFUSAL BY NNDC: An appeal against the refusal of retrospective Planning Application PF/12/1330: Retention of extension to terrace, installation of steps, The White Lady Front Street has been received.Resolution: all Cllrs. agreed to object to this in the strongest words possible and Chairman Cole will provide photographic evidence of the intrusion of privacy. (Again, an email will be sent to all Cllrs. for approval before submission).

Leisure and Recreation: (Cllrs. Rance and Barrett).

The play equipment was inspected and Cllr. Barrett has sought clarifications or clarified some on some issues: 1: Playsafety was informed that weekly checks are carried out by our Handyman as well as regular written assessments in conjunction with a Cllr. for which congratulations were received. 2: The wobbly kicking wall was due to a long dry spell shrinking the ground, but has since swollen and the wall sits deeply in the ground, however the looseness will be dealt with: – the Inspector did not know the depth of the setting in the ground and the Council should be sure that it is not a hazard. Remedial action is recommended. 3: Fitness equipment was installed before any guidance was given and was placed there to allow adults to use the equipment while keeping an eye on their charges using the play equipment. A sign is situated close by warning that the equipment is not suitable for young children: – The situation has been and will be assessed regularly and remedial action will be taken if and when necessary.

Playsafety stated that “High Risk” is acceptable if the benefits attached to the equipment/activity justify that risk.

Highways: (Cllrs. O’Hara, Bacon and Henderson):

Cllr. O’Hara informed all present that N. Lamb MP is discussing road calming improvements at the junction School Road/Honing Row .

Queen Elizabeth Hall: (Cllr. Harris):

Cllr. Harris said that no meeting has taken place

Bicycle Rack: has to be collected and the Notice Board is nearly ready; apologies were given for the delay.

Signs to Queen Elizabeth Hall: the cost for double sided wooden one (like the one for Smallburgh Village Hall) would cost £350.00. The Clerk to ask SR Print for a quote.

PROGRESS REPORTS / CONSIDERATION/RESOLUTION OF ISSUES RAISED FROM THE FOLLOWING:PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY FOR RUIN ROAD:  A detailed Ordnance Survey map has been requested for the residents who complete the form to indicate where they were going when using Ruin Road.SALT BINS: The Clerk contacted Highways for salt bins on Sandy Hills: the map from NCC showed it was located on old Yarmouth Road. The Clerk has asked them to locate it on Sandy Hills, but has not heard back yet and near white Horse Lane, Briggate, but Station Road is on the gritting route making it unlikely that NCC will fill a salt bin there.GRAVEYARD EXTENSION: Cllr. Henderson informed all present that details about the graveyard extension and improvements have been agreed with Glebe and a fence can be installed. The Diocese is awaiting a 5 yearly report from the Architect about any changes or improvements necessary in the Church, therefore the PCC is unwilling at present to put money towards this project and Cllr. Henderson is concerned that if the Parish Council does not take this forward it will never happen. Cllr. Paterson thinks a fence would cost about £2,000.00 and 2 local companies have already offered their services, but their costs should be included in any budget.The Clerk will send the email address of the Treasurer of the PCC to Cllr. Henderson, who will organise a meeting with all interested parties.GLASS RECYCLING: The Clerk has not received a response to the letter sent to a local recycling company.

REQUEST TO CONTACT RESIDENT ABOUT CUTTING OF TREE IN BRIGGATE: The tree on the corner of Station Road/Meeting Hill Road, Briggate is severely overgrown and obscuring visibility. Resolution: for the Clerk to write a letter to request immediate remedial action.


MATTERS FOR DISCUSSION: (for information only): None.ITEMS FOR NEXT AGENDA: (TUESDAY 22 OCTOBER 2013 7.30pm)– With NNDC Councillor and Officer about Planning Enforcement; –  Public right of Way Ruin Road; – Salt Bins; – Church improvements and graveyard; – Glass recycling.Time permitting: – Heritage funds for WWI memoranda; – Cleaning, painting and use of telephone boxes.

Meeting finished at 21.15

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