2013 April 23 Annual Report and End of Year Accounts



PRESENT: Cllrs. S. Cole (Chair), G. Paterson, K O’Hara, C. Rance, S. Harris, M. Smith, J. Bacon,  R. Barrett. S. Henderson.

APOLOGIES: PCSO Collyer, Mr. G. Dickinson (Friends of Worstead School), Mrs. Siggee, (Worstead Fellowship), Mr. Hedley (Head teacher C.o.E. School)

ALSO PRESENT: Members for and on behalf of Worstead Daycare Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Worstead C.o.E. School, Worstead Parochial Church Council, Worstead Friends, Worstead Youth Club, Badminton Club, Over 60’s Luncheon Club, Worstead Festival Committee, Liberal Democratic candidate for NCC elections.                                                                Clerk: J. Gardner.

Chairman Cole welcomed everybody and took the floor to present the Report of the Parish Council:It has, once again been a varied and challenging  year for the Parish Council.

Cllr Diana Howes who represented Briggate and who was instrumental in the attempts to save Briggate Mill and prevent the land grab of the adjoining neighbours wished to stand down to concentrate directly on her particular involvement in Briggate. We wish her well in her endeavours. Following Diana’s resignation three applicants came forward to fill the roll. Two living within Worstead and the third in Meeting Hill. The Council has always been very keen on promoting the involvement of the hamlets and following discussions, Mrs. Maire Smith was duly co-opted onto the Council.

There had been much discussion regarding the promotion of Worstead’s heritage. A number of ideas were put forward and investigated with the involvement of Cllr Ron Barrett together with our local history guru Peter Brice. It transpired that the Guild of Weavers & Spinners was also interested in this project through Local Historical Architect, Stephan Ganther who was a great motivator and helped greatly in moving the project forward. With the help of English Heritage, The Big Lottery Fund and The Worstead Festival a Heritage Trail Board was erected in the entrance of the Church Yard. This beautifully made Trail Board is a testament to Worstead’s involvement in the Woolen Industry on which the village and hamlets made their name prior to the industrial revolution The board depicts walks and places of particular interest in this regard and leaflets were printed and distributed in the Council’s Woven newsletter. These leaflets are still available in the White Lady Public House. The board was officially unveiled by Norman Lamb MP on the Saturday of the Worstead Festival last July.

Stephan was also one of the two masterminds behind the proposal to establish a Weavers Museum however with the untimely of Brian Morgan the chairman of the Guild, and the continuation of the project being too much for the remaining members, this project was put on hold and Stephan resigned from the team in May. We can only wait and see what transpires in this regard.

With regard to the history of Worstead and with the encouragement of Cllr Gavin Paterson, Cllr Ron Barrett, Mr. Peter Brice and Mr. Brian Hedge took up the challenge of establishing a historical photographic collection. You will see many old photographs displayed in both the Committee Room & within the Clubroom. There are moves afoot to include them at a later stage, on the Village’s website. Please take time in viewing these as they provide a fascinating insight into the area’s past. If anyone has old photographs of Worstead or its Hamlets, themselves and would like to contribute, please contact Cllr Barrett or the Clerk. You can be assured that the originals will be treated with the utmost respect and following digital scanning by the team, will be returned to you.

Our play area is now finished and has proved a popular asset to the village, families have been seen having picnics on the grass while they keep an eye on their little ones having great fun (weather permitting of course). There are also two pieces of gym equipment enabling the more energetic of you to keep fit on; This equipment is for the over twelve’s and new signs to encourage safety are soon to be fitted but we still urge parents to keep an eye out for their young ones.

Last Christmas saw a lunch club established for the over 60s. It is supported by the Parish Council via the Worstead Amenity Trust. It has proved to be a popular event and is held in the hall every 1st Wednesday of the month. Contact the Clerk for further details if you wish to join or even help out.

You may have already noticed the vast improvement underfoot, to the public footpath running from the corner of the playing field to Station Road. This was accomplished under the guidance of Cllr Henderson, with teams from Community Payback under the supervision of our handyman Martyn Chapman, together with the generous donation of materials from Carl Bird, Mathew Williams digger hire who scraped out the mud and Highways who lent some barriers and signs to temporarily store materials on Station Road so as to access the footpath from that end. I’m sure that everyone who uses that path would like to extend a grateful thanks to all concerned You may also wish to know that plans are now in progress to extend the path along the edge of the field to the Hall car park where it meets the kissing gate through to Max Carter Close.

The Council is currently in the process of planning an extension to the Graveyard on Vicarage Road. There will be a road running alongside the current graveyard with a turnaround at the top end. This will also enable off road parking for anyone attending the graves providing a safe alternative to the current situation of parking on the edge of the road. It is envisaged that this extension will serve the needs of the community for many years to come.

The Council is in possession of packets of bee friendly pollinator seeds; these will provide much needed pollen for our depleting bee population as well as giving flowers for your gardens. They are available free so please see the Clerk if you would like some

A new notice board has been commissioned and will shortly be installed on the wall of the hall facing the gateway. This will have provision not only for Council notices but separate areas for the Worstead Festival & Queen Elizabeth Hall alike.

The Council has approved the placement of two steel containers on the far area of the Hall car park to be used by Worstead Wolves Youth Football Club and the Worstead Festival both of which, in their success, are running out of secure storage facilities.

As you all know, Councils and public bodies all over England have been under pressure in terms of expenditure. Worstead Parish Council is happy to announce that, for the 3rd year running, the Council has kept their precept to £9000.00 but still providing much needed improvements to the Village and surrounding Hamlets.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the councillors for their valued input over the past year and to extend a special thank you to Martyn Chapman and all the other individuals who have generously give their time and efforts

DRAFT END OF YEAR ACCOUNTS 01.04.2012 / 31.03.2013:

Copies were distributed before the meeting, no questions were asked. Displayed at the end of this page.

REPORTS FROM:Queen Elizabeth Hall Management Committee:  presented by Mr. P. Carter, chairman:   

The Annual General Meeting will take place in May. Annual Accounts will be send to the Parish Council. As with many Village Halls, our Hall is struggling with ever increasing overheads and the bookings are down. The bar has been redecorated and can be used by anybody; it is cosy, has a good atmosphere and the beers are good.The financial support from the Worstead Festival is always very much appreciated and necessary in these difficult times. 

Parochial Church Council: presented by Rev. Long:    Father Anthony is vicar for 6 parishes and church services take place on a rota basis; once a month a takes a Service with Worstead C.o.E. School, where he also speaks during 3 assemblies.

Services for Corpus Christy, All Saints Day and Blessing of the Crib always attract many visitors.

The fabric of the Church is nearly finished and plans have been drawn up for a kitchen and a toilet, but these seem to have come to a standstill. Helping Hands from North Walsham keep the church clean with the twice yearly assistance of the Friends of Worstead Church, but more help is needed to sweep and clean the building as well as assisting with the flowers.

Worstead Choir has held various concerts in the last year and the Worstead Festival is very helpful.

Father Anthony also said that, health permitting; he will not be retiring yet, despite the workload. 

Worstead Fellowship: written by Mrs. Siggee, presented by Rev. Long:

This was set up in 1951 and members meet every 1st Friday of the month with Mrs. Chapman providing the tea. They have speakers, entertainment and undertake subsidised trips. Sadly there are less than a dozen members, but they all look forward to their meetings. Membership is £5.00.

 Worstead C.o.E. School: written by Mr. Hedley, presented by Mrs. McBurney, governor:

Through the offices of the Parish Council may I express my thanks and appreciation to highways department who ploughed away the snow from in front of the school and also gritted on a regular basis throughout the cold spell we all experienced.  This enabled our village school to remain OPEN every school day while most of the county’s schools closed.

The green in front of our school has a little more colour this spring as the daffodils we planted during last autumn have now come into full bloom. I hope we will be able to add to the display each year.     

I am concerned that the green has had its corners eroded by vehicles cutting across the grass at least one of the wooden posts has snapped off and it is still used as a dog walking area.

The suggested ‘bridle path’ leading to and away from school has brought a positive response from the parents who presently have to walk along the road itself.  I have a number of supportive emails which are hopeful of a safer journey to school.

As all are aware our physical education facilities are limited: we would support a feasibility survey into an all weather surface to the rear of the village hall which could be used 12 months of the year for numerous sporting activities. The inclusion of floodlights would increase its usage and bring in greater revenue.  Is this the size of project the Worstead Festival Committee could be looking for?

Can anything be done regarding the roadway in front of our school? The road itself has a dip in it and is prone to flooding. A channel was dug to drain the water into the pond which has risen to such a height the water tends to flow out via that same channel.

There is a step hazard between the road surface and the school entrance driveway. We believe it could be the responsibility of the County Council, could someone look into this please.

We continue to develop the curriculum which is offered to all our children. The most visual ones are the garden area we are developing with the support of many, including Mr Paterson, and our ‘Forest School’ provision. We welcome anyone who would like to be involved in any way with our projects.

Our new website is due to go live; we would like to include a link to the parish council website if that is permissible and agreeable.

We have a school council, which meets each Wednesday lunchtime, and would like to strengthen relations with other bodies. Would it be possible for someone from the parish council to meet with the school council to share ideas and support the work of each other? Links between generations can only benefit life within the village.

We are trying to introduce ‘After School Provision’ (3.30 – 5.30 weekdays) though our next steps will depend upon the commitment and support of those within the village and the surrounding hamlets.  Further information is available from Mrs Gotts via Worstead School office.

We hold a monthly service in church, on a Thursday at 8.45am. To this everyone is invited as you all are to any other service/function we hold in the church.

Is there any possibility of support for a toilet to be installed within the church building? This would allow us greater usage of the church building servicing the needs of our youngsters

Worstead Daycare Centre: presented by Mrs. J. Spink:

Mrs. Spink joined the centre in 2009 when the financial times were difficult, the plan was to stay for three months but she is still there.

Worstead Daycare Centre/Meeting Hill Members Club is in the Old School in Meeting Hill and provides care for older adults unable to manage independently or anyone who are isolated and lonely, giving carers a much needed break. 28 Places are available four days a week, any person using the services automatically becomes a member. Their services, too numerous to mention, include friendship and companionship, mental and physical stimulation, and home cooked lunches.

The Centre is run 8 paid Staff with 15 volunteers and two contract workers, all CRB checked and trained in their field, with health professionals like chiropodists visiting the Centre.

Members are still needed for the Board of Trustees as well as the Committee.

Mrs. Spink extended an invitation to the Meeting Hill Club to discuss the use of the premises.

The centre’s website is: www.daycare4olderpeople.co.uk. Brochures are available from the Clerk.

Worstead Wolves Youth Football Club: presented by Mr. T. Middleton:

The Club was set up in 2003 starting with 23 children, which has now increased to 124, with about 20 children living in the village. They have under 8, under 14, under 16 and under 10 girls’ teams. In the past they have received grants from the Parish Council, the Festival and Sports England and they still receive sponsorship for the football kits.

Training courses for the coaches, who are all CRB checked, are paid for. Adult help is still very welcome. Training takes place on Thursday evenings from 18.00 – 19.30.

Worstead Friends: presented by Mrs. C. Clare:

To date they have 25 members and are in a good financial situation after been given a donation to start up Worstead Friends. They meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month and include talks, film shows and music sessions, some given for free by local people; others may have to be paid for. The programme of Worstead Friends is on the Worstead Parish Council website.

Over 60s Luncheon Club: presented by Mrs. Lemon:

This is a continuation of the Christmas Lunch and enjoyed by between 16 and 20 residents. It is sponsored by Worstead Village Amenities Trust and takes places every 1st Wednesday of the month with lovely home cooking by Mrs. York.

Badminton Club: presented by Mr. R. Sore:

The Badminton Club was established a long time ago. It takes place on Monday evening from 19.30 – 21.30 with a “Junior” club on Tuesday from 18.00 – 19.30. It is good exercise but also fun.

Worstead Youth Club: presented by Mrs. Marques:

Currently they have about 20 youngsters between 10 and 16 years attending the Wednesday evening sessions (18.30 – 20.30). Worstead Village Amenities Trust and Worstead Festival Charity Committee jointly sponsor the Youth worker, provided by The Benjamin Foundation. Two parents help the youth worker at each session.

It is a way to keep in touch with friends from primary school and it helps children new to the village to get to know each other.

The Club will help to create a bee friendly garden in front of the Hall.

Worstead Festival: presented by Mr. J. Bacon:

Attendance in 2012 was 20% down, due to the unpredictable weather and the Olympics, with the Opening Evening being at the same evening as the Fun Run, the usual start of the Festival. The committee is been re-organised with members and trustees deciding which projects to fund. A few of them are: the Heritage Board and the upcoming Children’s Heritage Trial, Sloley Church and half of the cost of the Youth Worker. Grants go to good causes within the adjoining parishes.

About 1,400 people run the Festival of which 286 are volunteers, organisation for this year’s Festival are well under way. Help is always welcome.

A request was made to make detailed information of the tasks for the volunteers available.

Worstead Daycare Centre asked for a stand; Mrs. Spink was asked to visit the website.

The Festival Committee is looking into the feasibility of an all-weather pitch.

Meeting Hill Club: written by Mrs. J. Morris, presented by Chairman Cole:
Meeting Hill Club organises a BBQ for the village every year; but this last year being the Golden Jubilee we wished for it to be extra special. Not least, because we previously celebrated the Silver Jubilee and it is something children always remember. We wished for it to be another great point in the village’s history for its inhabitants; especially the younger ones.

To this end we applied and were successful for a grant of £250 from the council for which we were very grateful. We also applied to the Worstead Festival Fund for a commemorative coin, for which we were also successful. Worstead Parish Council were also very generous in supplying a large marquee for the day (including gentlemen who erected it for us!).

However, when the day dawned (the Sunday of the Jubilee weekend) it was blowing a gale (the marquees had blown away twice by the evening before) and torrential rain was forecast which duly arrived. It was also a tad chilly! An executive decision was taken that to carry on was admirable but foolhardy and would make the fun element that bit harder. The BBQ was postponed until the following Saturday 9th when bunting was re-erected and the beer cask re-delivered. We had a good turnout, but not as large as promised for the previous weekend, many had prior engagements. A great time was still had by all, although it was still a bit chilly and as well as a bar and the BBQ, we had: Welly Wangling, Decorated Cupcake Competition (Adult and child), Raffles, Red, White and Blue fancy dress, Bowling for the Pig, Numerous quizzes by Ann Russell and for the first time our own coconut shy with real coconuts – which fascinated the younger ones!

We had prizes for these and the children were also able to play football and cricket in the wonderful grounds of Nick and Svetlana Collins who hosted our event. A number of people – Sandy Powles, Rosemary Rix, Ann Russell, Svetlana Collins, Colin and Linda Sims amongst others worked really hard to make this happen, (many provided a salad or side dish) and all that attended remarked how well it had gone. We did not make the small profit we usually do for charity; but we did go that be further to make it extra special this time round and we were down in numbers on the day.

We are very grateful to the Parish Council for their support and I am sure the residents of Meeting Hill will remember the day for years to come.

PCSO Campbell’s year report : compiled by PCSO Campbell, read by the Clerk:

CRIMES REPORTED DURING                  01.04.11/31.03.12                     01.04.12/31.03.13

Criminal damage other                             –         1

Common assault & battery                       –         2

Criminal damage to vehicle                      –          2                                              –     2

Theft other                                              –         3

Theft from motor vehicle                         –         1

Attempted burglary dwelling                    –         1

Burglary in a building other than dwelling  –         1

Breach of sex offender register                –         1

Assault with malicious wounding                                                                             –     1

Assault occasioning actual bodily harm                                                                    –     1             

Theft in a dwelling                                                                                                   –     1

                                                                            __                                                   ___

Total                                                           12 crimes                                          5 crimes.


CALLS MADE TO POLICE DURING       01.04.11/31.03.12                01.04.12/31.03.13

Grade   A                                                    –     9                                     –     10

B                                                                –      15                                   –       4

C                                                                –     7                                      –      14

D                                                                –      16                                   –      30

                                                                        ___                                       ___

Total                                                                   47                                         58

As you will see, there is a dramatic reduction in crimes reported during period 1/4/2012 – 31/3/2013 compared to previous year 1/4/2011 – 31/3/2012.              


Why are there no cycle racks at the Queen Elizabeth Hall? 

A member of the Public informed all present that flooding problems at Worstead C.o.E. School were caused by a burst water main near the School.

The meeting finished at 20.50 with most members of the public leaving.

END OF YEAR ACCOUNTS 01.04.2012 / 31.03.2013

EXPENDITURE 2012 2013   INCOME 2012 2013
Salary Clerk £2,729.52 £2,729.52   Balance brought forward £11,117.73 £11,809.94
Office Expenses £1,535.85 £1,726.67   Precept £9,000.00 £9,000.00
Insurance £604.43 £610.90   Interest Base Rate Tracker* £7.73 £5.53
Subscriptions £191.34 £201.78   Grants Play equipment £10,294.60  
Repairs and renewals £474.00 £1,352.52   Grants Drainage Playing F £375.00  
Grounds £2,048.16 £2,315.28   Consolidated Stock £1.00 £1.00
Grass cutting £1,530.00 £1,530.00   Recycling £222.36 £273.60
Audit £342.00 £342.00   Worstead Woven £40.00 £22.00
Hall Hire £89.50 £100.80   Rent Survoyers Allotm £3,500.00 £3,500.00
Training £45.00 £85.00   VAT Refund £3,153.84 £919.49
Donations £300.00 £300.00   Balance/Income Petty Cash £170.00 £239.00
s137 £482.20 £575.95   Donation Playing Field £200.00  
Drainage system £3,037.97     Advertising newsletter £30.00  
Newsletter £472.60 £523.00   Contribution lawnmower £3.00  
Playequipment £12,472.75     Grant Christmas Lunch £300.00  
Ida Watts Award £51.29 £38.60   Paid in to avoid charges £20.00  
        Refund NNDC Dogbins   £138.53
Expenditure Petty Cash £218.71 £195.23   Refund Barclays charges   £66.17
Balance carried forward £11,809.94 £13,348.01        
TOTAL £38,435.26 £25,975.26   TOTAL £38,435.26 £25,975.26


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