2012 April 24 Annual Report and End of Year Accounts


PRESENT: Cllrs. S. Cole (Chair), D. Howes, G. Paterson, K O’Hara, C. Rance, S. Harris, J. Bacon, R. Barrett.

APOLOGIES: Cllrs. Henderson, PCSO Collyer.

ALSO PRESENT: Mrs. P Robinson, local Olympic torch bearer, Mr. Chapman (handyman), Mr. Hedley (head teacher) Mr. G. Williams (District Cllr) 6 Members of the Public.

Clerk: J. Gardner.

Chairman Cole welcomed everybody and invited Mrs. Robinson to tell all present how it came about that she became an Olympic torch bearer 

They came to live in the village 1995. Since the loss of Charlotte, Pauline has been fundraising for Beat, the eating disorder charity and it because of this that one of Charlottes friend from Paston College, Gina, had nominated Pauline to become a torch bearer, unbeknown to Pauline. She came through the selections and received the confirmation in March. She will be running 500 yards somewhere between Fakenham and Holt on 4 July. which will take the torch to Norwich where celebrations are planned.

She told all present that the torch had been designed by 2 people and consisted of 8,000 circles, the number of participants of the run. It will all start on 18 May and finish in London on 27 July, the torch will also be used for the Paralympics.

The ethos is for this Olympics is Friendship.

Pauline will get a free track suit, but will have to buy the t-shirt. A replica torch for runners is available, but costs £200.00.

All present congratulated Pauline on her achievement and would like to see her again at the July meeting to tell the Council all about it.

ANNUAL REPORT: written and presented by Chairman Cole 

Firstly I would like to welcome you all to the Annual Parish Meeting of Worstead Parish Council. It has been another interesting and varied year, tasks carried out by the Council and its friends and associates on you behalf have been plentiful.

My thanks go out to the members of the Council and the Clerk for all the hard work they have put in both individually and collectively on the projects that have been completed or are still on going. A resume:

Playing Field: Apart from the smaller children’s slide all equipment is now in place and it certainly appears to be well received. Additional signs are ready to tell all visitors to use the equipment sensible. The new earth mound for the slide should now be in place and in the next few weeks a contractor will install the little slide which should conclude this part of what has been a most beneficial and exciting project for the community.

A very sunny and warm Saturday morning back in October saw a team of volunteers installing the environmentally friendly drainage panels in the area behind the clubroom which has been prone to becoming soggy in wet weather. The design of the drainage system installed dates back to Roman times. The trenches for the panels were created with the aid of a specialist machine which made the work a whole lot lighter and since then the area has been much improved. Our thanks go to those volunteers and indeed to ex-Councillor Jon Lowe who managed the project from start to finish.

The gate from the hall entrance to the play area was also repaired and re-enforced with the help of a resident with no cost to the parish. Thanks to the resident.

Church wall: This was very nicely renovated just before last years Worstead Festival, only to be damaged by a care in September, on the corner opposite The Manor House. Due to insurance issues it took a long time for repairs to be carried out. Once done, these repairs were not well received. The baton was taken up by the Parish Councillors and following a meeting with District employees and the Contractors a replacement coping has now been installed giving a much improved look. The original coping was too damaged to repair and too expensive to replace.

Graveyard: Plans are afoot to have the graveyard enlarged and once all formalities have been completed, Community Payback will be invited to help with installing the fence and other work needed.

Weavers Museum: Plans to accommodate the Guild of Weavers within the village again are still ongoing with the Cow Parlour conversion still being the favourite for the Weavers. However, due to the untimely death of their Chairman, Brian Morgan in January, things have slowed down for the time being.

Briggate Mill: Following an immense effort over the past years by local residents in Briggate together with Parish, District and County Councillors alike to preserve the building following some vandalism and general decay, NNDC applied to have the remains demolished as it was deemed unsafe. Efforts are being made by interested parties to keep part of the building as a landmark, fully supported by the Parish Council.

Junction Worstead / Dilham A149: Following a number of accidents and near misses, concerns had been raised about accessing the A149 from Dilham Road. A meeting between Mr. P. Reilly, Highways, Mr. J. Paterson and Mr. J. Lowe, our then Councillor was instigated, resulting in the hedge being cut back to increase the vision towards Dilham at the junction, making access safer. A particular thanks to Mr. Paterson who carried out the work.

Worstead Walks: Councillor R. Barrett, Mr. P. Brice, Mr. S. Penfold (Worstead School) and Mrs. R. Rix did get together to create a history walk through the village, with Mr. Penfold designing one together with the children of Worstead C.o.E School which will be family friendly. Mr. S. Ganther with the Weavers is setting up a “Woollen Trade “ walk. These walks will be displayed on a board possibly in the church yard for walkers coming to the village and the residents to show more of the history of the village. The original plans to install blue plaques have been put aside for the time being.

Car park at the Queen Elizabeth Hall: A team from Carl Bird ltd and Matthew Williams Digger Hire in conjunction with our handyman Martin Chapman cleared the old play area resulting in a much larger car park. This work was done free of charge. They were thanked during an informal get together for regular Hall users, organized by the Management Committee of the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Village sign: The village sign on the corner of Ruin Road and Westwick Road has been temporarily removed and is being renovated as we speak, by Gordon Signs in Norwich. It was in a very sad condition, but will be returned, fully restored before the Festival.

Newsletter: This comes out on a quarterly basis, if you have anything to submit, please do feel free to do so by contacting the Clerk through the usual channels.

Website: After a very long absence the new website will go live in the next few weeks. It contains a host of information and is certainly worth a look.

Former salt dump: (adjacent to the waste disposal site): After various attempts to rent this area out, Children’s Services plan to use it for the storage of their mobile units.

Community Payback: During the year they came and cleared around the playing field and helped clearing the graveyard of hedge cuttings, branches etc, etc. Again, Carl Bird Ltd. Supplied the skips free of charge.

Volunteers: Last year some volunteers have kindly come forward to organize a Bring and Share Picnic for the Queens Jubilee celebrations on Tuesday 5 June. They already organized a Coffee Morning and a Bingo evening to raise funds. In conjunction, to Council has agreed to fund the commemorative Jubilee mugs for the under 16s. We hope that many people in the village will attend for what is hoped will e a most enjoyable day. You may recall that a few years ago the Council voted to adopt three redundant telephone boxes in Briggate, Station Road and Meeting Hill to avoid them being removed and us losing these iconic points of direction. We are delighted that some more volunteers have come forward in Briggate and they will undertake to paint their telephone kiosk. Ideas to put these boxes to good used, for example exchange of books or plants will be considered. Again, suggestions to the Clerk please. A special thanks to all volunteers

Milestones: Following an email from a Sloley resident who regularly visits the village, the milestone on Duckers Hill has now been cleaned and the surrounding area cleared. There remains one other milestone on Westwick Road which appears to be buried. If anyone can remember the exact location do let us know. We can then endeavour to uncover it, so it can stand proud again.

Pollinator Plants: With the apparent decline in the bee population, our past chairman Cllr. Henderson put forward a suggestion to the rest of the Council that it should sponsor the acquisition of Pollinator Plant seeds for distribution around the Parish to encourage the bee population on our area. This was wholly supported by the Council and information will soon be available on how to obtain some of these seeds.It is estimated that without these most productive creatures, the cost to the agricultural and honey industries would be some way in the order of £1.6 billion, so you will see that this is a very worthwhile project.

To conclude:

We as a Parish Council have always attempted to give the Parish maximum value for money. Indeed, the Councillors have always tried not to raise to financial precept because, at the end of the day, it would be reflected in the local rates. This year and the ensuing year are no exception, but this level of service could not be achieved without the generous support from parishioners and local businesses who give valuable time and effort which is the envy of some other councils. To those special people I. from a personal point of view and on behalf of Worstead and the surrounding hamlets say a very sincere THANK YOU.


The unaudited Accounts were presented and the following questions answered: RFO stands for Responsible Financial Officer

S(chedule) 137 is for expenditure for which there is no legal power but the benefit to the parish and parishioners outweigh the costs.


No questions. Suggestions or ideas were put forward.

Meeting finished 20.10

EXPENDITURE 2011 2012 INCOME 2011 2012
Salary Clerk £2,729.52 £2,729.52 Balance brought forward -£10,986.32 £11,117.73
Office Expenses £367.01 £1,535.85 Precept £9,000.00 £9,000.00
Insurance £712.23 £604.43 Interest Base Rate Tracker* £5.38 £7.73
Subscriptions £229.11 £191.34 Grants Play equipment £15,490.00 £10,294.60
Repairs renewals playground inspec. £563.22 £474.00 Grants Drainage Playing F £1,825.00 £375.00
Grounds £1,568.86 £2,048.16 Consolidated Stock £1.00 £1.00
Grass cutting £2,062.50 £1,530.00 Recycling £307.55 £222.36
Audit £334.88 £342.00 Worstead Woven £22.00 £40.00
Hall Hire £104.00 £89.50 Sale play equipment £350.00
Training £78.35 £45.00 VAT Refund £4,155.52 £3,153.84
Donations £150.00 £300.00 Sponsorship newsletter £258.00
s137 £197.00 £482.20 Refund Insurance premium £18.98
Drainage system £3,037.97 Balance/Income Petty Cash £250.00 £170.00
Newsletter £383.00 £472.60 On-line Submission £75.00
Playequipment £2,854.49 £12,472.75 Rent Survoyers Allotm £3,500.00 £3,500.00
Ida Watts Award £42.66 £51.29 Advertising newsletter £30.00
Parish Plan £518.23 Donation Playing Field £200.00
Expenditure Petty Cash £259.32 £218.71 Contribution lawnmower £3.00
Grant Christmas Lunch £300.00
Balance carried forward £11,117.73 £11,809.94 Paid in to avoid charges £20.00
TOTAL £24,272.11 £38,435.26 £24,272.11 £38,435.26



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